Where Virtual meets Reality.

At KLOSE INDUSTRIAL SERVICE, we are able to support customers and machine manufacturers with machinery and equipment installation projects as well as maintenance and other field support services without the need for the machine specialist to travel to site.


Our Remote Field Workers equipped with Mixed / Augmented Reality Glasses can transmit their field of vision at site while your machine specialists can access the live video feeds and be on site virtually to guide, instruct and monitor our Teams from the comfort of their home or office on the other side of the world.

With our Remote Field Team Solution xAssist, you can easily connect you technical expert with our employees on-site for ad-hoc installation and commissioning support or in the event of a problem. Thanks to our specialized smart glasses, the remote expert sees exactly what the technician on-site sees. This is made possible by real-time video and audio transmission.


Functions such as AR markers help the expert to visually clarify his instructions. The employee’s hands are free and can immediately follow the expert’s instructions. The exclusive option of involving several users in a call also allows for support from external experts outside your company network or multiple of your technical experts simultaneously.

All that your technical expert requires, is a stable Internet connection and a standard Web Browser or Tablet. Via an Web Application, your technical expert can join our employees on-site and participate on any job. Any data transferred is fully encrypted and highest safety standards are ensured.


As per your requirements, each Remote Session can either be recorded for quality and monitoring purposes, or the system can be configured to auto-delete any logs and block any pictures or videos to be recorded to ensure full compliance with your or your end-customers Data Protection requirements. All our Web Services are hosted on German Servers that fulfill all EU-GDPR requirements.


Tailor-Made for Industrial Application

100% Hands Free

Voice based operating system with local speech recognition in loud environments.

PPE Compatible

Designed to work with standard hard helmets, bump caps and safety glasses.

Water Resistant

IP66 Certified – Protected against heavy seas or powerful jets of water.

Dust Tight

IP66 Certified – Complete protection against the ingress of micro particles.

Noise Cancellation

Four digital microphones and advanced algorithms – performs at 100dB.

Drop Proof

Resistant to 2-meter drops onto concrete from any angle

Fully Shift Battery

Hot Swap enabled for Field swappable Battery to enable continuous use.

Built Rugged

Fully operational from -20° C to +50° C, MIL-STD-810G


What our Customers have to say

Remote Support Hours

in 2020 so far

Completed Remote Installs

in 2020 so far

Completed Remote Supports

in 2020 so far


"If it was not for Remote Field Team, we would still not be able to utilize our newly purchase precision measuring table. The travel bans due to COVID-19 made it impossible for the OEM to send his technicians, so KLOSE rose to the occasion and helped us tremendously".


"Thanks to KLOSE and their Remote Field Team Solution, we were able to complete a critical machine installation for our Customer even tough our specialist were not able to travel because of COVID-19. The Remote Support worked perfectly!"

-- OELZE GmbH --


What drives us everyday


Because quality is measurable: Perfection in the processes of KLOSE Group. Whether you attach it to a accident statistics or the perceived quality of our customers. Nevertheless, the consistent increase in all quality aspects and in all processes is our daily goal.


Environmental and Occupational safety are organized systematically at KLOSE Group. With regular training and process compliance checks, we not only ensure our outstanding quality, but also the safety of all processes. Hazard analysis and safety concepts are standard procedures for us.


At KLOSE Group we think forward: A sustainable & environmentally conscious investment policy is the cornerstone of our actions. Thus we do everything to meet the most developed eco-standards. We are committed to use a significant share of our turnover for Environmental Protection Projects.


As our Customers have learned to expect from us, we are committed to staying within defined budgets. Our Lump Sum Prices are to be understood as such, and there are no hidden fees or costs like with some our competitors.


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