KLOSE Industrial Service

Relocation - Installation - Field Service

At KL I INDUSTRIAL SERVICE Quality and Safety are our top priorities. We aspire to provide best-in-class services in the area of Rigging, Hook-Up, Industrial Assembly, and Field Service. With high experience and competence levels, we quote at fair prices, and deliver on time. Every time.


KLOSE INDUSTRIAL SERVICE is a major division with continues growth within the German  KLOSE GROUP that stands for over 85 years of tradition to deliver the best quality Made in Germany.


Mechanical & Electrical competence in one Company

For new machines, as well as used machines. Specially trained staff that understands our customers require-ments and knows all the techniques for successful unloading, professional move-in, positioning, leveling and last-mile hook-up.


From the assessment of the unloading point and move-in path over to the coordination of information and different contractors, to project planning, KLOSE Industrial Service offers a full range of services. With trained rigging teams we provide the unloading, internal cross-transport, positioning, leveling, assembly and installation as well as preliminary testing. We remove any disposable waste in the process and leave your site as clean and tidy as when we started our works.


The disassembly, cleaning and packing or disposal of used equipment is also part of our services. We also do care about the linked logistic needs, when the used equipment needs to be shipped to a new owner, or to the manufacturer for repairs, or even just between two production sites.


Fast & Efficient. With best in class Quality.

KLOSE Industrial Service dismantles, transports and assembles. Quickly and efficiently. Everything hand in hand, and often in one day. With specialized teams that can handle your machinery and tools.


This consistently reduces downtime, while avoiding any disruption of the daily routine. We know how important the availability of your machinery is and of what value your production facilities are to your company.


We always work documented and with best quality. For complex relocations we closely work with OEM Machine and Equipment Builder. But don’t worry if for your machinery, the OEM is not available: We can handle these task with our in-house engineering services or through our long standing partnerships as well.


The professional packaging, being IPSM15 certified and fulfilling all requirement of your machinery, as well as arranging of oversea or airfreight transport of your equipment, is also part of our standard scope of service. From A to B, completely worry-free.


Mechanical & Electrical. Always Sustainable.

We not only provide the hook-up of your machinery and production equipment, but can also provide you mechanical, electrical and further industrial assembly. With certified technicians that have vast experience in their respective field, no task is too challenging for us.


KLOSE Industrial Service manages projects from onsite logistics, in terms of distribution of components to assigned assemble and installation point, all the way to the final performance test and handover to the customer. We assembles the individual components, install wiring, assemble the control panels and switchboards –mechanical and electrical-, carry out functional testing and finally hand over the system to the customer. Not only for production equipment but also Solar Parks.


For suppliers to guarantee high efficiency of solar systems, it is crucial that once installed, the solar system is regularly maintained. Therefore our offered services do not end with the installation: the regular maintenance of existing solar systems is key to our service portfolio.


Mechanical & Electrical competence in one Company

From assistance with the import of your machinery, to storage and distribution, the assembly and installation we can handle any field service tasks. From 24/7 breakdown assistance, to preventive maintenance, repairs and retrofits, we can even handle a call center hotline for you and deliver detailed reporting and insights in your field service business. Our own Field Service Management Software ensures transparency and process security.


We at KL Industrial Service can handle a full size Field Service Outsourcing in Southeast Asia or offer only partial services to complement your existing field service team.


Services that hit the mark


We decommission, dismantle, clean, move-out, pack, transport, unload, unpack, move-in, position and assemble your machinery.


We offer customized crating and packing solutions in lieu with ISPM15 and other standards. Vibration Control, Vacuum, Anti-Corrosion


We manage interfaces and track work progress. We plan, document and ensure OHSA compliance. Scalable to your needs.


No matter how long or short your storage need is. Either in one of our facilities or through our logistic partners in bonded warehouses.


From one building to the next, within cities or overseas. We can arrange a full service with worldwide customs clearance.


We are GDPMD certified by TUV Nord to handle, transport, store, commission, repair and maintain medical devices.


Either assisting your very own Maintenance Team with labor and equipment or by taking over your Maintenance.


Flexible and scalable to cater your needs. Assisting your team or full fledge outsourcing. Sales, Preventive Maintenance, Repairs, and more.


To supplement your Field Service approach with 24/7 Breakdown Assistance. Call Center Service, Field Service Management, Dispatch...

Our Guiding principals

What drives us everyday and is most important to us.


Because quality is measurable: Perfection in the processes of KLOSE Group. Whether you attach it to a accident statistics or the perceived quality of our customers. Nevertheless, the consistent increase in all quality aspects and in all processes is our daily goal.


Environmental and Occupational safety are organized systematically at KLOSE Group. With regular training and process compliance checks, we not only ensure our outstanding quality, but also the safety of all processes. Hazard analysis and safety concepts are standard procedures for us.


At KLOSE Group we think forward: A sustainable & environmentally conscious investment policy is the cornerstone of our actions. Thus we do everything to meet the most developed eco-standards. We are committed to use a significant share of our turnover for Environmental Protection Projects.


As our Customers have learned to expect from us, we are committed to staying within defined budgets. Our Lump Sum Prices are to be understood as such, and there are no hidden fees or costs like with some our competitors.


Special Equipment for any kind of machinery

Lifting and Erecting Equipment

Precise and capable

Depending on your project and scope of work, we have a large variety of machinery suited for each and every project. No matter how heavy or light your machinery is, or how tight your space is: we can lift and move it. Our Equipment compromises, amongst further:


  • Battery operated Forklifts up to 15tons
  • LPG operated Forklifts up to 12tons
  • Hydraulic Gantry Cranes up to 100tons
  • Hydraulic Axel Lifts up to 15tons each
  • Manually operated Boom Cranes
  • Aluminum Portal Cranes (A-Frame)
  • Further special equipment on request

Moving and Relocation Equipment

Heavy Loads easy movable

No matter how tight your space is, or how delicate your machinery might be, we move it safely and efficiently. With over 80 years of experience in moving sensible goods from point to point, we are just the right partner. Our Equipment compromises, amongst further:


  • AC and LPG Forklifts up to 10tons capacity
  • Robotic Machinery Dolly up to 40tons capacity
  • Machine Skates up to 20tons each
  • Machinery Movers up to 30tons
  • Tandem Machine Dolly up to 20tons
  • Rotating Machine Dolly up to 15tons
  • Further special equipment on request

Assembly and Decontamination Equipment

Special tools for every task

We have the right tools for any mechanical and electrical job. Special tools for decontamination and cleaning of dirty and contaminated process equipment upon dismantling and relocation. Our Equipment and tools compromise, amongst further:


  • AC / DC Install & Assemble Tool Box
  • Solar & Inverter Install Tool Box
  • Mechanical Install & Assemble Tool Box
  • Precise Installation Equipment
  • Decontamination Tool Box
  • Dry Ice Cleaning Equipment
  • Leveling and Measuring Equipment
  • Further special equipment on request

Specialty Relocation Equipment

Handling any task

With dedicated specialty relocation equipment we can take care of your project, no matter how complicated the move-in path might be or how delicate your floor and facility might be. Our Equipment compromises, amongst further:


  • Air Skate / Air Pad System up to 20tons capacity (4-6 Skates)
  • Pneumatic Cushion HD Castors up to 6 tons each
  • Switch Cabinet Lifter and Mover
  • PowerCat MTC Mover
  • Further special equipment on request

Equipment Rental

For your peak demand, we might have the ideal solution

With our vast equipment park we are capable to facilitate equipment rental including operators for short or long term to meet customers peak demand or to ease the burden on upright purchasing such equipment. All of our Equipment is up to the latest technical, environmental and safety requirements and are regularly checked. Please feel free to inquire for:


  • Battery Forklift Rental
  • LPG Forklift Rental
  • Gantry Rental
  • A-Frame Rental
  • Air Skate Rental
  • and further upon request.


Our experienced management board shapes the company with a family atmosphere and clear guidelines.

About us

The quality and safety is our top priority. We see ourselves as your partner and give our best for you every day!


Characterized by flexibility, we look forward to every request. Whether big or small, heavy or light, we are happy to help!