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We can provide the full range of services in regards to your Field Service approach in Southeast Asia and Europe. You can offer your End-Customer a first class after-sales service and thus win them over as loyal customers. With fast reaction times and a comprehensive solution, you can convince your customers.


Our Services include the import of your machinery and spare-parts, the storage of such either in our facilities or in bonded warehouses, distribution to your End-Customer, assembly and commissioning of new machinery, preventive maintenance and repair of existing machinery, breakdown assistance, call center operation, customer management and more.


All of our services will be adapted to meet your specific requirements and to cater your and your End-Customers needs. This guarantees highest level of customer satisfaction and thus more sales for you.


Our approach is to provide best in class customer service and thus enabling our customers to achieve greater sales. We document all our visits in a Field Service Management Tool that you can access 24/7 and worldwide. Furthermore we offer Augmented Reality (AR) assisted service, this way your experienced technicians can assist in complicated repairs and service calls without the hassle and expenses of having to travel.


Fast & Efficient. With best in class Quality.

The KL Industrial Service offers a wide range of services in regards to Maintenance and Service. From assisting your existing Maintenance Team with labor and equipment to Maintenance Outsourcing or Preventive Maintenance. We are here to help you in achieving the ultimate goal: Reducing costly downtime.


We can either support your team on per Job Basis, on contractual terms with guaranteed response times or on permanent Stand-By. Our technicians bring their own tools and PPE and as our enrolled customer you can access our vast equipment pool for all kind of tasks that might arise.


We always work documented and with best quality. For our Preventive Maintenance approach as well our Services we offer full documentation, even with pictures or Video via Augmented Reality Applications. This way your team can track our work and trainings can be conducted based on individual skills of each technician. Furthermore this helps to reduce travel costs and response time in case of breakdowns, as your experienced technicians can access live feeds of our works.


Call Center competence with Stand By Technicians at your disposal.

The Breakdown Assistance ranges from 24/7 Call Center operation over dispatch management to trained breakdown technicians. Fully documented in our Field Service Management Software.


This service is fully adapted to your needs. Our technicians will regularly be trained on your machines and the most common errors. Through digital assistance we can not only keep track of the works that have been provided to any End-Customer but also can create a knowledge database and wiki that our technicians can access during a Service Call. Thanks to NFC and QR Codes our technicians can also access the records of each enrolled machinery.


Our technicians are equipped with flexible service vans completed with all necessary tools to serve your machinery. Furthermore we analyze spare part usage and equip these Service Vans with the most common spare parts. Our goal is to resolve breakdowns during first visit to your End-Customer. This is what we call Customer Service and only this enables you to increase your Customer Satisfaction and generate further Sales.


Furthermore we can provide Technical Assistance with our Service Hotline and can dispatch Spare Parts for Customers with their own Maintenance Teams.


Flexible and scalable to cater your needs.

In addition to above equipment, we are able to provide Storage-, Office- and Tool-Container to bundle various equipment and tools in a set for your specific requirements. Our Tool-Container are fully equipped, depending on your request with either focus on mechanical / electrical tasks or lifting and rigging jobs.


And we can not only provide these tools and equipments on your project basis, you can also rent them from us on daily, weekly or monthly basis. With or without operator, at least for most of the equipment. You can also rent our skilled and certified manpower only. Amongst our team we have Mechanical- & Electrical Technicians, Welder, Fitter, Scaffolder, Forklift Operator, Crane Operator, Rigger, Slinger and General Technicians. You have the full flexibility! Just ask our sales engineer for manpower assistance.

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Founded 1935

By Ernst Kurzenberger. The first Step of the later KL Group of Companies.

Globally Connected

Located on 3 Continents with subsidies in Europe, Southeast Asia and the US.

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Located on 3 Continents with subsidies in Europe, Southeast Asia and the US.


Each of our customer relationships are entered into as a partnership. Our number one priority is to offer you the best quality available at a fair price. We will never dissuade you from what you desire simply because it is more work for us, and we are always happy to do the research needed to create something new and innovative.


What drives us everyday


Because quality is measurable: Perfection in the processes of KLOSE Group. Whether you attach it to a accident statistics or the perceived quality of our customers. Nevertheless, the consistent increase in all quality aspects and in all processes is our daily goal.


Environmental and Occupational safety are organized systematically at KLOSE Group. With regular training and process compliance checks, we not only ensure our outstanding quality, but also the safety of all processes. Hazard analysis and safety concepts are standard procedures for us.


At KLOSE Group we think forward: A sustainable & environmentally conscious investment policy is the cornerstone of our actions. Thus we do everything to meet the most developed eco-standards. We are committed to use a significant share of our turnover for Environmental Protection Projects.


As our Customers have learned to expect from us, we are committed to staying within defined budgets. Our Lump Sum Prices are to be understood as such, and there are no hidden fees or costs like with some our competitors.


Available for our customers 24/7/365.


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